Top 5 Online Business Ideas in 2020


Tired of you 9 to 5 job?

Wanna be your own boss?

Be real quick…

Before you contribute the towel and begin a web business, you’ve got to work out what business model works best for you.

Top 5 Online Businesses To Start in 2020

1. Selling Information Products

Sellling products online

Are you an expert in your field, or do you know more than the average person about a specific subject or skill?

If you have the ability to help others get a desired result any topic then you are potentially set up to make some serious income every month, without the need to start any sort of online store with physical products.

The entire self education industry online is booming to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

People are learning how to play guitar, how to garden, knitting, quilt-making, drone racing, e-sports and more…

If you have a skill that others seek to learn, you can use your knowledge and skills to build people up while making some cash along the way!

Blog Profits
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Establish yourself as an authority in your niche, grow an audience, grow trust with that audience and offer them the solutions they desire.

There’s a great free ebook & audiobook that explains exactly how this type of business works called The Blog Profits Blueprint you can get for free, here.

The biggest key here is that you should always choose a niche topic that you’ll never grow tired of learning more about.

Passion can be an important tool, because it will keep giving you the energy to press onward… even when you hit bumps in the road.

When it comes to selling courses online, people create their YouTube channels and websites, conduct webinars, or write eBooks to share their expertise with others who may be willing to subscribe, or even pay, for what they have to offer.

Whatever that niche may be, as long as you have the skills and a strong desire to keep learning, then you can sell these solutions in the form of an information product. Informational products are one of the largest online business markets out there.

It also doesn’t take much to get started with this type of business. Launch your blog, shoot those videos, advertise on Facebook, and build an audience. With 3.2 billion people (or 40% of the global population) being internet users, there’s no better time to jump into the world of online courses.

Here’s some data to back up this powerful opportunity…

People are Searching for Information Online
8 out of 10 people from developed nations go online
21 out of 61 people from developing countries use the internet (ICT Facts & Figures)
About 40% of US companies market their products and services using blogs (eMarketer)
34% of Fortune 500 companies have had active blogs since 2008 (Forbes)
Companies with blogs get 97% more links to their website (HubSpot)
Reach People on Facebook!
Facebook is another platform that you can utilize to share your information products.

Check out these impressive figures from December 2019:

Over 2.5 billion monthly active users
1.66 billion active users use Facebook every day
Average time spent on Facebook is 20 minutes per session
If you have authentic information to share that isn’t just a regurgitated version of something else that’s already out there, then you can absolutely gain people’s respect and confidence.

Once you get people hooked on what you’re selling them, you will begin to see an influx of forever clients and returning customers.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
Now, creating your own courses is a lot of work…

Not only are you responsible for the course itself, but you’ve gotta write the sales letter, build the shopping cart, the product delivery area, run the ads, the emails, the marketing, etc.

If you are totally, new, this is an overwhelming amount of work that needs to be done…

But there’s good news!

You can build your entire online business by promoting other people’s products on your website and selling them.

Affiliate RevenueThis is where I got my start and I still generate tens-of-thousands of dollars per month in affiliate commissions every month.

The rush of getting your first checks in the mail from promoting other peoples’ products is amazing.

And the sky is the limit.

Some affiliate marketers generate 7-figures income (that’s over a MILLION DOLLARS) each and every MONTH.

Yep, you read that right. 7-figure months with affiliate marketing!

If this sounds interesting, it’s best for you to watch this video here which will show you step by step how to start making money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can also evolve into selling your own courses when you are ready to take on the additional challenges of writing your sales copy, creating the courses, etc.

As an affiliate, your goal is to build an audience of people within your niche who look to YOU as their trusted advisor…

I recommend starting a blog to use as your ‘home’ online to attract your audience from.

You grow your email list and you promote the best products for your audience that will help them solve their problems or achieve their goals.

You earn a commission when those products you promote sell which allows you to focus 100% of your efforts on marketing.

When you have a big audience and some solid marketing skills… And the cash is flowing in…

You can then start to build your own products and promote your products for 100% of the profits!

Impressive Stats for Affiliate Marketing

15% of the total digital media advertising revenue is attributed to affiliate marketing. (99Firms.com)
Affiliate programs generate 15%–30% of all sales for advertisers.
More than 80% brands use affiliate marketing. (Rakuten Marketing)
Now I’ve put together a huge list of niche ideas, but here are the top 10 Affiliate Marketing Niches

Fitness and Weight Loss
Dating and Relationships
Self Improvement
Wealth Building Through Investing
Make Money on the Internet
Beauty Treatments
Gadgets and Technology
Personal Finance
This is a great business opportunity; however, you have to resist the temptation to recommend less than desirable products to make a quick buck.

Sure, you can write excellent copy for the product, and yes, they might take your word for it and buy it. But, it’s an unethical way to conduct an affiliate marketing business.

Plus, your chances of getting a follow-up sale on your next advertised product are going to be slim in such cases. This is a good way to lose for good in your online business.

How to Win in Affiliate Marketing
To win in affiliate marketing, offer value and be authentic. The goal is to develop a solid relationship with your audience. This is especially true with your email list.

And you can only earn that with honesty and integrity in mind.

In affiliate marketing, your commission is going to depend on what you’re selling. Some people in the affiliate marketing business make as much as 75% commission from a digital product.

Physical products, on the other hand, typically earn between 2% – 10%. But when you sell hundreds of those physical products, that’s still a pretty good online business opportunity.

Also, if you do affiliate marketing for the best web hosting company, the best keyword research tool, the best membership programs, or other digital products that come with a subscription, you can also earn a monthly recurring commission for each referral when you offer to send people to those resources as well.

This gives those companies more advertising, and gives you commissions based on sales!

Mention these affiliate products in the description section of your YouTube videos, email list, Podcast show notes, or a super simple affiliate marketing funnel. Affiliate marketing can be applied to most business models, so you can solely do affiliate marketing, or, you can do it in combination with your current business.

If you like the idea of becoming a successful affiliate marketer, read this post next: https://www.milesbeckler.com/make-money-with-affiliate-marketing/

I break down the exact steps in even greater detail about how to become a successful affiliate marketer in that one!

3. Selling Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing

Digital marketing services give local businesses the choice to advertise to a huge number of people; tons more people than they’d be ready to reach without a web presence. It’s not in the least uncommon for businesses to get on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more.

Digital marketing is, honestly, much bigger than simply putting ads up online.

This is where you are available as a possible business owner helping businesses to realize exposure, which may be an incredible opportunity for you to earn money from home. Create a successful local marketing strategy that gets results, and you’re in business.

Why not start an online business selling digital marketing services?

4. SEO Writing and Content Management


Are you a wordsmith, SEO (search engine optimization) genius, or both? Then you’ve got a gold mine within you! A flashy website doesn’t mean anything unless it shows abreast of Google. That’s why businesses need a talented individual to urge their websites ranking high on the program result pages.

If you’re a self-learner, skilled at SEO and content management, and have enough dedication, then you’ll build your own authority site. you’ll then begin focusing your online business towards these digital marketing services.

Here are some quick facts for you about SEO writing and content management:

53% of online marketers used blog writing as their #1 inbound marketing technique in 2017 (HubSpot)
In 2017, e-commerce business traffic came mostly from email marketing and SEO while content marketing and affiliates are less frequently used channels (Marketing Sherpa)
Content Marketing – 20%
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – 14%
Big Data – 14%
Social Media Marketing – 14%
Marketing Automation – 9%
Mobile Marketing – 9%
Conversion Rate Optimization – 5%
Search Engine Optimization – 4%
If you’re skilled in SEO and may create excellent content that’s worth reading, then you’ve got valuable digital marketing service skills to fill a really important business need.

Providing these sorts of services may be a good way to determine your online business… and also offers high investment returns. So, put your writing skills to good use… and begin making money doing what you are doing best.

5. Drop Shipping


To sell a product, you would like a listing , right? Well, that’s how it wont to work… until drop shipping came out.

So, what’s a web drop shipping business all about?

Well, it’s actually fairly simple. You sell an item, a customer places an order for that item, the supplier ships the merchandise to the customer, and you handle the customer service a part of the transaction.

This process spares you from checking out a warehouse for storage, and eliminates any worries you’ll have about the shipping. you only need to believe running your online store, collecting payments, and offering your customers great customer service!

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