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Hi. I am Arun kunjumon from Delhi. I am an energetic Digital Marketing Consultant(Also an enthusiastic designer and filmmaker).

When I started my career in digital marketing, I had no clue how far my journey will be. After doing a course from a reputed digital marketing institute, I hoped my boat will sail far but unfortunately, nothing of that sort happened and I failed in various aspects of digital marketing. My professional journey began as a media buying manager in one of the reputed performance marketing ad network, where I was doing programmatic advertising. After working there for months, I decided to quit and make myself efficient for the fast-growing digital environment.

Why I Started DigitalKunju.Com

Here is a backstory for you:

After doing my school and college, I want to get into something which was challenging and interesting. After a lot of research, I found out digital marketing is the next big thing. I started to learn digital marketing, by all means, possible, so that I am able to cater to the needs in the industry. I am self equipped with all the tools and marketing strategies needed in the run. Each passing day, I have started to love digital marketing and found my unique ways to update myself in the field. Above all the winning strategy behind my digital marketing journey is like what you do and love what you do.

Presently addressing the inquiry:

You can change your life as well. Transform yourself to doing what you cherish and win a pay doing that.

It’s not advanced science. Be that as it may, it will require a couple of mystery elements for you to arrive at progress:

1) Passion

2) Creating Value

3) Hard work

On the off chance that you are available! Shot into my blog, ask me anything and I will be there to help you out in all ways possible.

Learn as you grow!!!

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Upcoming Events

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16-17th September 2020

DMWF Virtual Conference 2020

DMWF Virtual Conference 2020, a dedicated 2-day virtual conference for the ambitious marketer seeking to explore the latest marketing trends & strategies.

14-16 July 2020

Digital Summit 

This year Digital Summit Boston will be online July 14-16, as part of Digital Summit at Home. Digital Summit At Home is a 3-day, fully interactive online event that delivers the awesome learning and networking opportunities to your living room, office, or wherever you choose to join..

22-23th September 2020

Inbound 2020

Inbound 2020 is an immersive, interactive digital experience uniting forward-focused professionals with industry thought leaders, meaningful networking opportunities, and change-fueled education sessions digital event..